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"Development of Next Generation Medicine / Therapies using Stem Cells"

Tissue stem cells have a special ability to support lifetime cell regeneration.

Stem cells are the only cells that possess self-renewal ability and pluripotency. Due to these special characteristics, stem cells are being developed for the treatment of difficult and rare diseases that are so far can’t be cured. On the other hand, the actual and real characteristics of stem cells have not been sufficiently investigated yet. It is still difficult to distinguish stem cells from other cell types, and to understand or even maintain their characteristics, thus the actual clinical application of stem cells is very limited. In NextGeM Inc., we utilize an advanced proprietary cell analysis technology to maximize the potential of stem cells, and aim to bridge the potential application of stem cells with next-generation medical technology for better patient outcomes.

Establish core technology for medical application of stem cell analysis and medical application.

We are developing core technologies that are important in the medical application of rare cells including stem cells.

Our technology that was developed at Stanford University in the United States, is a technology to identify and isolate long-term hematopoietic stem cell - very small portion of hematopoietic stem cells (mouse bone marrow cells) with a ratio of 1 cell to 100,000. This technology is previously published in Nature scientific journal, and it is suitable for the identification and isolation of other various rare cells in human body. At the same time, we are also developing the next generation technology of rare cell identification and isolation in combination with our proprietary technology. The future mission is to bring our technology as a fundament to accelerate the understanding of numerous diseases including personalized medicine, rare diseases, refractory diseases, and to develop their therapeutic modalities.

Currently, we utilize these core technologies to develop several products and services that promote stem cell research and its medical applications.

  • Development of high efficiency stem cells identification and purification methods
  • Development of stem cells maintenance and amplification methods
  • Development of next generation transplantation methods using optimized stem cells

"AI - Machine learning - Development of novel therapies utilizing bioinformatics"

AI·Development of novel method for cell analysis and cell therapy using machine learning technologies

In addition to its type and form, the cell contains a very wide variety of information such as localization and expression level of DNA, RNA, protein etc. Analysis, exploration, implementation and application of these high-dimensional data in the medical care has become possible through conventional research and development achieved by scientists. However, due to lack of effective/efficient isolation and purification methods of stem cells, the enormous amount of target cells and information they carry are even harder to be revealed to support medical care. To overcome this, we utilize state-of-art AI technology, bioinformatics technology including machine learning, combined with our proprietary cell analysis technology, to reveal more efficient and effective cell analysis, and to develop new therapeutic method using optimized stem cells for better patient medical care.

Creating new value in bioinformatics based on cells information.

We are developing the following products and services by combining our proprietary cell analysis technology with the machine learning and bioinformatics expertise.

・Development of novel treatment algorithm using clinical big data
 We are developing optimized algorithms to predict the effectiveness, efficacy, safety, prognosis, etc. of medical therapeutic modalities in clinical practices by comprehensive analysis methods on patients-related big data and real world data using machine learning etc.

・Development of a new evaluation system combining stem cell function analysis and AI/machine learning
 By combining cell analysis technology and AI/machine learning technology created in our laboratory, we are developing a system that can identify the rare cell population and evaluate the biological status and function of these population more precisely with the deeper understanding of their physiology and pathology.

・Development of high-performance experiment optimization algorithm using high dimensional cell information (imaging, etc.)
 In the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry there is a strong demand from the public to reveal the mechanisms of action,however, it is not easy to capture changes in target cells accurately and comprehensively. We are developing algorithms to accelerate and optimize the experiment to explain the mechanism of action at cellular level, using AI analysis of high dimensional data extracted from cells through cellular analysis t developed by our company, including imaging and other means.