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"AI - Machine learning - Development of novel therapies utilizing bioinformatics"

AI·Development of novel method for cell analysis and cell therapy using machine learning technologies

In addition to its type and form, the cell contains a very wide variety of information such as localization and expression level of DNA, RNA, protein. Analysis, exploration, implementation and application of these high dimensional information to medical care have been conducted through conventional research and development by researchers. However, due to lack of effective / efficient isolation and purification methods, the enormous amount of target cells and their information are a way hard to be revealed to supporting medical care. To overcome this, we utilizes state-of-art of the AI technology, bioinformatics technology including machine learning, in fusion with our proprietary cell analysis technology to reveal more efficient and effective cell analysis, and to develop new therapeutic method using optimized stem cells for better patients medical care.

Creating new value in bioinformatics based on cells information.

We are developing the following products and services by combining our proprietary cell analysis technology with the machine learning and our bioinformatics expertise.

・Development of novel treatment algorithm using clinical big data
 We are developing optimized algorithms to predict the effectiveness, efficacy, safety, prognosis, etc. of medical therapeutics modalities in clinical practices by comprehensive analysis methods on patients-related big data and real world data using machine learning etc. We are developing optimizable algorithms.

・Development of a new evaluation system combining stem cell function analysis and AI · machine learning
 By combining cell analysis technology and AI · machine learning technology developed by us, we are developing a system that can identify the rare cell population and can evaluate the biological status and function of these population more precisely with deeper understanding of their physiology and pathology.

・Development of high-throughput experiment optimization algorithm using high dimensional cell information such as imaging
 In the field of pharmaceuticals, foods and cosmetics, there is a strong need for users to elucidate the product’s mechanism of actions, however it is not easy to capture changes in target cells accurately and comprehensively. We are developing algorithms to accelerate and optimize the elucidation experiment of the mechanism of action at cellular level using AI analysis of high dimensional information extracted from cells through cellular analysis technology developed by our company, including imaging and other means.