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Business details

AI Solution Business Using Machine Learning/Deep Learning

Applying machine learning and deep learning know-how tool to the life science field

Application of AI know-how tool cultivated through our own bioinformatics studies to the life science field. We will provide the support all the way from consulting and business planning to data processing, PoC, prototype development and system implementation/integration.

  • We have people with wide range of industry/academic experience in medicine, including pharmaceutics, engineering and statistics, and support from business planning and requirements definition phase.
  • We can provide thorough analysis based on clinical significance, obtained via the strong network of clinicians, hospitals and clinics.
  • Additional support in pre-process data extraction in cooperation with our wet research team.
  • We hold solution pipelines aimed at providing personalized medicine beyond disease prediction.

Matching system in the life sciences field such as cell culture

We achieve optimal compounding according to individual cell attributes in cell culture.

[Assumed utilization scene]
Search for and identify the optimal combination of media and compounds that maximize the effect for each cell.

Early diagnosis and anomaly detection system using clinical image data

We construct a system to detect abnormalities from various clinical monitoring data.

[Assumed utilization scene]
Abnormality detection by behavioral pattern analysis of patients with dementia and psychiatric disorders.

Diagnostics support system using image recognition technology

We aim for early diagnosis of rare diseases, using image recognition technology and etc.

[Assumed utilization scene]
Diagnostics support using various modality images such as MRI/CT/PET-CT.

Treatment optimization (personalized/precision medicine) support system using clinical big data

We strictly follow the proposals of personalized medicine and modify treatment according to each patient's information in various clinical sites.

[Assumed utilization scene]
Providing personalized medicine according to the each patient's vital data, health and medical record etc.

Our Partner

  • Microsoft Azure for Startups
  • Google Cloud for Startup Program
  • NVIDIA inception Program