NextGeM Inc.


3 Aspects of our Culture

1. High Performance

  • Every person at NextGeM should be someone you respect and learn from
  • We are like a “pro sports team”, not a kid’s recreational team. We have stars in every position
  • Demonstrate consistently strong performance so colleagues can rely on you

2. Focus on Result

  • Focus on great results rather than on process
  • We measure people by how much, how quickly and how well they get work done
    – especially under deadline

3. Freedom & Responsibility

  • We try to increase employee freedom rather than limit it, to attract and nourish innovative people
  • Responsible people thrive on freedom not on rule, and keep delivering highest performance
  • As we grow, minimize rules” and attract responsible people like;
    • Don’t wait to be told what to do, never feels “that’s not my job” and pick up the trash lying on the floor
    • Self motivating, Self aware, Self disciplined and Self improving
    • Not subjective or emotional but open, transparent, candid and unbiased decision-making. Only the highest level of integrity is acceptable
  • “Then “Every Day is Day One” for all

Our culture is Work in Progress. We try to refine this further every year as we learn more.